About Global Fuel Recyclingr™

Our company’s ownership consists of over 40 years of rental car experience. With over 15 years in executive roles excelling in fleet management, expense control, customer service and marketing. In addition our team has former Dell Computer executives as well as several other key players in the technology and fleet management industry.

As the prices of fuel continued to climb through the mid 2000's many of us in the rental industry began to explore ways to try and capture the millions of gallons of fuel that was being driven off our lots as we cycled our fleets with new units.

Unfortunately, the methods found then were slow, inefficient, dangerous and undependable. It has been slowly evolving over the years but there were really no breakthroughs in methods to benefit fleet owners.

The current technology we are working on has changed all of that. This new technology developed will be the game changer for those trying to capture savings by retaining your assets. The new technology is an innovative breakthrough that will provide a way to achieve fast, reliable, and most importantly a safe method to transfer fuel back to your tanks. We have developed the technology to incorporate a wireless Defueling Dashboard that effectively measures and delivers real time data in order for fleet operators to manage this process and thus save huge money.

As we continued to work on this technology, it came clear how this transfer and fuel management system could also benefit salvage companies, insurance companies, and auction businesses recycle their fuel as well. The ROI will pay dividends for a long time and enable you to drive the enormous savings.