About Global Fuel Recycling™

The executive leadership team at GFR consists of members with over 40 years of rental car experience and 15 years in executive roles excelling in fleet management, expense control, customer service and marketing. As the price of fuel continued to climb through the mid 2000's many of those in the rental industry began to explore ways to try and capture the millions of gallons of fuel that was being driven off rental lots as cars were retired from fleets and replaced with new units.

The methods of defueling in the early 2000s were slow, inefficient, dangerous and undependable. Despite slight advances in defueling methods in recent years, the process has remained largely inefficient until now. GFR has developed a game changing defueling system and technology that enables users to defuel their fleet with a method that is fast, safe, easy and measurable. By using the defueling with industry changing technology, GFR clients will be able to manage the defueling process with real time data as it is transmitted wirelessly to their smartphone or computer.

The GFR defueling system and technology offers the fastest, safest and technologically advanced method of defueling for clients in numerous industries such as car rental, salvage yards, car auctions, and many more.