Defueling Technology

Revolutionary patented technology to reclaim fuel.

Global Fuel Recycling merges the latest in onboard diagnostics with wireless coverage to produce a system to reclaim fuel from any vehicle easily, quickly and safely.

  • Patented: GFR has developed patented Defueling Key technology that can quickly defuel any late model vehicle with a small, simple to use “plug and play” device.
  • Easy to Use: Defueling Key plugs easily into the OBDII connection located under the steering wheel of most cars.
  • Speed: Defueling rate is approximately 1 gal/minute. Most cars can be emptied in less than 15+ minutes.
  • Market comparison: 2x Faster than other methods on the market.
  • Multiple connections: 6 Cars can be defueled simultaneously.
  • Safety: No siphoning and engine is never running. Nothing is inserted into fuel filler tube that could harm antirollover mechanisms.
  • Flexible: Can be preset to stop defueling at any level.
  • Wireless connection: Defueling Key transmits exact fuel amount recovered along with date, time, VIN and location of vehicle right to your Defueling Dashboard.

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